Add More Power to Prayer

Join hands and pray!Prayer should build our relationship with God. Each time we pray we should grow in our faith and trust in God.  There are four key  aspects you need you can bring in as you pray. it forms a different acrostic for P-R-A-Y.


Prayer power starts with faith or basic beliefs about pryer and God. Understand that prayer is communicating with God. We talk, he listens, an we also expect him to respond. His response can come in many forms that includes answering a prayer, impressing a thought or scripture in our minds (these will never be counter to scripture), connecting us with someone who has insight into the pryer need, or simply a call to be patient before he answers while we continue to knock (pray as mentioned in Matthew 7:7).


Connecting with God is fundamental in prayer. We must believe he is with us. listens, and loves us. Trust that God  has our best in mind. Choose to love the Lord totally, follow him, and be right with him (forgiven of sins). Relationship continues with conversations. God has shared his stories with u in the Bible so we need to study those. We can share our story of what’s happening to us.


Applying scripture and biblical principles when we pray help us engage with God and use the knowledge we gain or follow his guidance. This is also an opportunity to explore what God says about our circumstances and problems. We investigate what happened in the Bible, what principles are at work in our life, and what we can learn from our situation. This can extend beyond the prayer time and words to checking out the Word, doing some hands on activities to reinforce truths, and journaling about the prayer time.

Yield and Yearn

Be open to yielding your will to God. Yearn to follow God and know him better. We can build on our experience with God and prayer. That’s why we keep a record of prayer answers and why we may try different methods of prayer, to focus our prayer in various ways from praising God to praying for god yo help people we care about.

The above plan out for us as individuals or in prayer groups as well as through different methods of prayer.

For example, with kids, let’s do a stacking prayer where a person puts in their hand and says a one sentence prayer and the next person places a hand over the first and adds to the prayer. It continues to create a stack of hands praying together. It is a good idea for the leader to announce the theme for the stacking prayer. So, maybe it is the word confess. The first person may call out, “I am a sinner.” The next adds, “God forgives us.” Another Can add “I am a child of God.”  Another person follows continues with, “God loves us. Another may add, “Jesus died to give us forgiveness.”

Try other methods to pray together. It’s fun to discover ways to connect tonight and build faith bonds.

Power comes with stating truths from the Bible as part of the prayer and knowing we believe in forgiveness of sins. We have relationship brought up about being a child or God who loves us. We are applying truths as we join together with our words. And we yield to God as we confess we are sinners, loved, and more.

When we are done all can raise their hands up with a shout, “Glory to God forever!” that declares our worship.






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